Food Manufacturing Company

Posted on May 24,2023

Exacore streamlines a Singapore-based food manufacturing organizations bulk payment process workflow using Oracle EBS.


A well-established Singapore-based food manufacturing and supplying company that conducts business worldwide reached-out to Exacore with payment and accounts payable and receivable issues. Due to the manual nature of their payments, batch processing, and tracking, the client wanted to switch to an automated system. Exacore implemented a modern automated payment processing model using Oracle EBS technology to solve this issue and streamline its manual mode of the payment system. Read more about how Exacore solved business issues here!

The Case:

In this case study, we will discuss how Exacore helped a reputed food processing and supplying company from Singapore streamline and document all the manual payment processing in batches to a single automated mode.

A well-known food production and distribution company in Singapore was facing significant challenges caused by inefficient batch processing procedures and manual payment methods. This resulted in invoice inaccuracies, postponed payments, and account receivables issues. The company partnered with Exacore to implement EBS solutions in order to cut costs and improve productivity.

Exacores solution made data more accessible, enhanced accounts payable handling precision, sped up payment turnaround times, increased visibility into incoming & outgoing transactions, and streamlined multi-currency support capabilities. The integration of EBS with other divisional roles was a crucial success factor in the overall improvements achieved by the client.


The client company in Singapore was facing significant challenges due to inefficient batch processing procedures and manual payment methods, leading to invoice inaccuracies, postponed payments, and account receivables issues. As a result, the company decided to automate its payment procedures and implement an automated payment system. Exacore was hired to help the company implement a new automated payment processing system.


After learning about Exacore, the company decided to work with us on automating its payment process. We worked closely with the company to understand its specific needs and requirements. In response to their needs, we designed and implemented a fully customized bank-to-bank payment integration that met their needs perfectly.

The client company had to perform and administer multiple bank-to-bank transactions and payments to suppliers and partners. This became difficult to manage, and the organization needed help tracking credit and debit transactions. The Exacore Oracle team created an adaptive bank-to-bank integration to solve this problem.

We helped our clients facilitate end-to-end transactions with all their partners and map and analyze them with just one click. The integration solved accounts payable and receivable issues with great ease. The bank then handled the transactions and notified the client. Moreover, the partners were also reported. This system was much more efficient and manageable for the company.>

Furthermore, Exacore developed three distinct report generation systems: payment batch reports, payment voucher reports, and payments remittance reports. These reporting systems serve different functions and allow for streamlined tracking of all core bank debit and credit transactions for the company. Thanks to the advanced report generation system, the company can now efficiently manage and monitor its financial transactions.

Organizational outcomes or benefits:

  • Using Exacores bank-to-bank integration tool, the organization optimized its payment process. Previously, manual payments were made in batches, but now they can be made with a single click. This has reduced manual transactions while increasing security. All payments are now processed in a single batch transaction, which streamlines the process.
  • Our clients have benefitted greatly from our 1 map click and analyzer tool. It has allowed them to easily map and analyze all of their current bank transactions. This has helped them stay up to date with their current credit and debit details, providing them with a comprehensive view of their financial situation.
  • Furthermore, the system automatically notified all suppliers and partners of their issued amount receivables once bank transactions were completed. This helped maintain positive relationships with our clients and increased trust in our business dealings.

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