Empowering Growth: Exacore's Digital Transformation Journey with Kottakkal Ayurgarden International

Posted on July 25,2023


Kottakkal Ayurgarden International, a renowned ayurvedic treatment centre, beautifully blends ancient wisdom with modern technology to provide traditional yet comfortable care. As the first integrated ortho and neuro-rehabilitation centre in India, they have always strived to deliver exceptional services. However, a lack of digital presence hindered their ability to reach a wider audience, especially from their target markets in KSA and UAE. This is where Exacore stepped in to help them embark on a transformative digital journey.

URL : www.kottakkalayurgarden.com

Problem Statement: 

Kottakkal Ayurgarden operated traditionally, relying heavily on personal contacts for customer acquisition. Their limited digital presence was hindering their ability to attract customers, especially medical tourists from KSA and UAE. To expand their reach and enhance their business prospects, a digital transformation was imperative.

Benefits Realized: 

Through the digital transformation facilitated by Exacore, Kottakkal Ayurgarden International experienced significant benefits:

Improved Patient Pipeline: With an enhanced digital presence, Kottakkal Ayurgarden attracted more patients, especially from KSA, where they witnessed a surge in medical tourists visiting their centre. The increased visibility and online enquiries contributed to a steady growth in patient numbers.

Expansion of Partnerships: Participating in scheduled trade fairs and other medical meets, Kottakkal Ayurgarden established new local partnerships in KSA and UAE. These collaborations enabled them to expand their reach, tap into new markets, and generate additional revenue streams.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Exacore implemented a CRM system that revolutionized how Kottakkal Ayurgarden managed patient relationships. By capturing and organizing patient data, communication history, and treatment details, the centre was able to provide personalized and attentive care throughout the year. This seamless communication improved patient satisfaction and resulted in repeat business.

Key Solutions Implemented: 

To address the challenges faced by Kottakkal Ayurgarden, Exacore implemented a range of key solutions:

Branding Strategy and Digital Presence: Exacore devised a comprehensive branding strategy that included designing a new logo and revamping the centre’s website. This overhaul significantly enhanced their digital presence, attracting a wider audience and instilling trust in potential customers.

Trade Fairs and Global Presence: Exacore organized scheduled trade fairs and designed a captivating counter to showcase Kottakkal Ayurgarden at various medical events. This proactive approach helped increase their global presence, expand their network, and forge fruitful collaborations.

CRM System Implementation: Exacore provided a robust CRM system to effectively capture and manage customer data. This system enabled Kottakkal Ayurgarden to track patient information, communication history, and treatment progress. The centre leveraged this data to establish strong, long-lasting relationships with their patients, leading to improved business outcomes.


Exacores digital transformation efforts played a pivotal role in propelling Kottakkal Ayur Garden Internationals growth and success. By enhancing their digital presence, participating in trade fairs, and implementing a CRM system, the centre experienced improved patient pipelines, expanded partnerships, and enhanced patient satisfaction. Kottakkal Ayur Gardens commitment to delivering traditional Ayurvedic treatments blended seamlessly with Exacores expertise in digital solutions, resulting in a transformative journey that positioned them as leaders in their field.

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