ERP related applications depend on dozens of database tables that demands governance and maintenance all through the year to function consistently. With a solid ERP support, your businesses will automatically adjust to migration, troubleshooting, bug fixing, security authentication, scenario and other pernicious situations. Exacore understands and maintains ERP performance, availability, bug fixes and multi-lingual requirements and leverage DBA services for high availability, which is core to the smooth functioning of the business.

Exacore will deploy a sustainable application support model with these following objectives:

  • Enable end users/ IT Team to be hands off on routine operational issues
  • Focus on user satisfaction by pro actively surveying users at periodic intervals to understand issues and take necessary actions
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven metric
  • Formal process for governance, change management and communication.

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Security is a top priority. Exacore implements strong authentication measures and follows best practices to safeguard your ERP applications and sensitive data.
Exacore follows a systematic approach in bug fixing, addressing issues promptly to minimize any impact on your business operations. Our team is dedicated to resolving bugs efficiently and effectively.
ERP migration is carefully managed by Exacore to ensure a seamless transition. It's necessary to adapt to evolving business needs, technology advancements, and to leverage new features and capabilities that come with updated ERP versions.